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Workie No. 4

Price: $325.00

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Baumann Pants No. 4 (Workie No. 4)

The Workie No. 4 is made in 0.60mm black latex. 
These pants be ordered loose, semi-fitted or skin tight. 
Featured above with a loose fit and neon lime green appliques. The neon (vibrant) colors will glow in the dark under the black light. 
Once you select your waist size, the waistband of the pants will be made a couple of inches smaller. Otherwise, the pants will fall down.

  • Waistband with belt loops
  • Front zipper or all around zipper
  • Knee appliques with silver trims
  • Back pockets with a color stripe and a silver flap
  • Front pockets with silver trims
Fit options:
  • Loose fit (Baggy from the hips to the ankle). 
  • Semi fitted (Fitted on waist, hips and thighs. Then straight cut all the way to the ankle)
  • Fitted (Skin tight from the waist to the ankle bone)

For any other color combinations, please contact us at

neonred Lemon_Yellow neon-lime-green Neon_green Neon-Orange