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Item number: 252V0000

We have received so many requests for this amazing product and now it is available here at E7 Rubber. 
Latex has always been very sensitive to oil and natural grease. Therefore, it is highly recommended to perform a deep cleaning of a latex garment after wearing it. 
The Viviclean is a deep cleaning solution that removes the natural skin fat and oil residues that can damage the latex. 
Just a few drops of Viviclean in a big bucket of warm water will go a long way. 

Bottle size: 250ml. 

How to use:

Latex should be washed after every use, preferabley by hand. 
Use 2-3 ounces fo Viviclean per gallon of luke warm water. Wash the latex for at least one minute to ensure full coverage. 
Once done, rinse well with clean water. 
If the latex garment was heavy soilded or had a lot of silicone or powder, a second was is recommended.