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Jeans E7-V2 (Codpiece)

Price: $245.00

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Jeans E7-V2

These pants are skin tight. 
Featured above in black with vibrant green stripes. 
Once you select your waist size, the pants will be made a few inches smaller to ensure a proper fit. 

  • Slim fit (skin tight) from waist to ankle. 
  • Waistband (plain or with belt loops). 
  • Codpiece with vibrant center stripe and twin silver stripes
  • The rear access is optional. Back zipper or all around zipper. In the all around zipper option, the front of the zipper will be covered like a pair of trousers.
  • Single side stripes (Approx. half inch wide)
  • Two back pockets with vibrant stripes and silver trims
  • Codpiece with vibrant center piece and twin silver stripes
Vibrant colors are only available in 0.45mm
For further customizations, please contact us at

Vibrant Green Latex Vibrant_Lime_Green Swatch  Swatch Swatch