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Jeans E7-V3 (Sailor front)

Price: $245.00

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Jeans E7-V3

These pants are a new version of the sailor front jeans with neon stripes.
Once you select your waist size, the jeans will be made a few inches smaller to ensure a proper fit. 
Featured on the above photos with vibrant green stripes.


  • Slim fit (skin tight)
  • Waistband (plain or with belt loops)
  • Two (2) front zippers
  • Snap-on closure behind the front zippers
  • The rear zipper is optional
  • Single side stripes (Approx. half inch wide)
  • Two back pockets with vibrant stripes and silver trims
The vibrant colors are only available in 0.45mm.
For further customizations, please contact us at

vibrant red Vibrant Orange Vibrant Lemon Yellow Vibrant Lime Green Vibrant Green