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E7 Silicone Lube (2 oz. )

Price: $22.00
Item number: 255F0000

E7 Silicone Lube (2 oz. )

Let's say that you are ready for action. Isn't it annoying not to have a small amount of lube handy?
Given that we enjoy to play in darkrooms, it is a must to carry a 2 oz. bottle of E7 lube. 
This silicone lube is great to gear up, play and shine. Latex compatible.
The formula has been developed here in the USA and it will keep you slippery for a long time. 
Ingredients: Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane

Warning: Discontinue use if skin irritaion occurs.

(Belt and/or pouch not included)

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