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E7 Silicone Lube (8 oz.)

Price: $56.00
Item number: 256F0000
E7 Silicone Lube (8 oz. )

We have tried so many silicone lubes in the past and we had no choice but to create our own. 
This silicone lube is great to gear up, play and shine. Latex compatible.
The formula has been developed here in the USA and it will keep you slippery for a long time. 
Ingredients: Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane

Warning: Discontinue use if skin irritaion occurs.

(Belt and/or pouch not included)

Comment from your rubber designer Stickyhands: 

I travel a lot and lube is one of the first things I pack. It is not cool to leave in the hotel an unfinished bottle of lube just because it may leak all over the suitcase. 
To avoid this, the E7 silicone bottle (8 oz. ) comes with two (2) caps:
  • One ribbed cap with lining to ensure no leaks when traveling.
  • One flip top cap that you can put on the bottle to dispense the desired amount of lube. 
  • Of course, you can use a zip lock plastic bag as an additional layer of protection.