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Bondage Surf Suit

Price: Starting at $650.00


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Bondage Surf Suit

The new bondage surf suit is now available in 0.80mm, 0.92mm and 1.05mm. 
It can be ordered with shoulder zippers or a back zipper entry (Neck to waist).

  • High collar
  • Optional: Two (2) chest zipper with two (2) sliders each. The sliders allow a padlock to get trhough.
  • Chest belt. The buckle is now lockable
  • Each sleeve will end with a D-ring where the straps will attach to them. The straps have a lockable buckle. 
  • New feature:The sleeves are now reinforced with an innerlayer of thick fabric that starts at the bottom of the neck ending at the wrist level. This will provide an additional layer of restriction.
  • The crotch zipper comes with two (2) sliders only. The sliders allow a padlock to get through the loops. 
  • The surf suit is knee length
  • It can be ordered with shoulder zippers or a back zipper. 

Size chart (Body measurements in inches):

                  Chest     Waist 
Small             36         30
Medium         38         33
Large             42         36
XLarge          45          39
2XL               48          43

Note: Due to the amount of labor involved, it takes three (3) people and approx. five (5) weeks to produce this item.

Transparent black 0.80mm Transparente Olive Green 0.80mm Transparen Natural 0.80mm